Joe Goldberg

Joe Goldberg and his brother Lenny have left a mark on the shoreline area—they’re the duo behind the famed Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tales chain, where kids ride a Magic Carousel (which has awarded almost $1 million to non profits and charities since 1999). The brothers have a strong record of behind-the-scenes community work as well, though, and Joe’s focus has been on the youth of Guilford. He serves town through Guilford Community Television, the Women & Family Life Center, and the Guilford Foundation, but he’s best known as co-founder of the Guilford Fund for Education (GFFE), which supports funds initiatives for educators that fall outside the Guilford Public School budget, and he serves as president of Guilford Youth Mentoring. As one nominator said, “His advocacy has shaped the ethos of the GFFE; galvanized educators, volunteers, and donors; and created a legacy for our community in this educational fund.”